Free Public Lecture - Dr Eriita Jones - How can we find water on Mars (and why are we looking?)

Sunday 9th October 2016

Free Public Lecture by Dr Eriita Jones - Booking essential through Eventbrite.

Abstract: Any liquid water on present-day Mars is hidden from view within the Martian regolith, but we can still find clues to where it is, and where it existed in the past.  Come along to this talk to discover why there is so much interest in finding past and present liquid water environments on Mars, whether Mars could really support life, and how learning about Mars can teach us about Earth.

Bio: Eriita Jones completed a Bachelor of Philosophy (Science) with Honours at the Australian National University in 2007 with the title of “ Identifying targets within the potential biosphere of Mars through study of gullies and rampart craters.  of Science” and a PhD at the same university in 2012.  Her PhD thesis was titled “Two complementary approaches in refining the search for liquid water and habitable environments on present-day Mars”.  While working towards her PhD Eriita was a director of MSA and took part in the 2009 Spaceward Bound Expedition to Arkaroola.  In 2013-2014 Eriita did a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, studying Martian impact craters. This year Eriita as joined UniSA as a postdoctoral researcher, studying water on Mars.  To date she has more than 18 publications on Mars and attended the 2008 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston.  Eriita was a keynote speaker at the September 2015 Australian Space Research Conference (ASRC) on the very topical subject of “Shallow transient liquid water on Mars and its implications for life” and presented two topics at ASRC 2016, one being today’s topic.

A warm welcome extended to anyone interested in Mars/ space exploration. Feel free to join us after the presentation.

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