MSA to Support the Mars MEDIAN Mission

Mars Median Penetrator
The Mars MEDIAN (Methane Detection by In-situ Analysis with NanoLanders) Mission is aiming at Mars to be the first multi-probe extra-terrestrial network and it's looking for Methane. It is a joint UK, Australian project.

The mission has been devised by Robert Brand, a leading Australian space entrepreneur, aerospace engineer and innovator. At the age of 17, Robert was involved in support for Apollo 11 in Australia with the feeds from Honeysuckle Creek and the Parkes Radio Telescope. He supported almost every mission from Apollo 11 to STS-7 and played a minor support role in Shuttle flights right up to 1985. In that time he worked at the Parkes Radio Telescope in support of the Voyager Uranus encounter and ESA’s Giotto mission to Halley’s Comet.

Thunderstruck Aerospace is Robert’s company and the vehicle for several projects such as the StratoDrone and the Mars Median Mission. The Median Mission is based on Methane detection technology and has passed many milestones. The use of penetrators to land the payloads was his concept as was the mapping, orientation and more.
The Mars Society of Australia (MSA) is pleased to offer the following support to take the MEDIAN Mission to forward.

1. Geological input for selection of target materials for gas gun work and documentation of geology at field tests at Woomera (or other areas).
2. Assistance in writing abstracts, papers, reports, proposals, and submissions.
3. Technical reviews of abstracts, papers, reports, proposals, and submissions.
4. Original digital art to support presentations, proposals, and papers.
5. Promotion of the project through online networks, events, and by giving talks.

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