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Mars Society Australia has a range of experts on Mars and space-related topics, as well as spokespeople about the different activities and projects run by Mars Society Australia. These individuals are available for print, radio and TV interviews and can supply commentary on the latest news items about Mars.

Inquiries for interviews with Mars Society Australia representatives should be directed to Californian based Mars Society Australia Director David Willson on 00111 650 380 4139 or emailed here.

Media Log

The Mars Society Australia's activities have received extensive media coverage since 2000, including many print, on-line media, radio and television reports and articles. View a partial index of print media references here.

For a list of active online news articles, click here.

Media Releases

The following is an archive of MSA's past media releases.


03/08/16 Australian Researchers and Students Partner with India (pdf)
18/03/15 The Human Future on Mars - Robert Zubrin Public Lecture Series
11/01/15 Australian Robots Aid the Search for Life on Mars - via New Zealand
23/03/14 Arkaroola Mars Robot Challenge Spaceward Bound Expedition
01/08/12 Countdown Begins for Curiosity Landing (pdf)
26/06/10 Melbourne Mars Conference to Open With Free Public Lecture (pdf)
08/04/10 Aussie Teachers Join NASA Namibian Desert Expedition (pdf)
03/09/09 Young Australian Aerospace Engineer shows NASA the Future of Space Suits (pdf)
14/07/09 Enjoy a Weekend on the Red Planet! (pdf)
08/07/09 Spaceward Bound: NASA Researchers and Australian/US Teachers Head Into Outback (pdf)
01/07/08 Mars Comes to Adelaide this Weekend (pdf)
28/05/08 Australian High School Teacher Achieves Space Dream (pdf)
12/04/07 NASA Ties Help Australian Youth to Look Spaceward Bound (pdf)
06/11/06 ARCHIMEDES: Launch of Miriam Scheduled, Development Underway
31/10/06 AMEC 2006: Melbourne Welcomes Annual Mars Conference (pdf)
05/09/06 MSA Rocket Engine - First Test Firing Successful
31/07/06 Young Australian Invited to NASA Planetary Exploration Planning Session
08/12/05 MSA Member NSW Finalist for Young Australian of the Year
31/10/05 MarsSkins for the Victorian Space Science Education Centre
27/10/05 Stage 3 Funding for Starchaser Rover
25/09/05 Report on 5th Australian Space Science Conference (ASSC)
26/08/05 MSA Welcomes Arkaroola Resort as New Corporate Member
17/08/05 AMEC 2005: Roving the Red Planet Via Canberra
26/07/04 AMEC 2004: Red Planet Meets Red Centre (pdf)
14/04/04 Trinity College 'Spaced Out' by New Mars Research Laboratory (pdf)
15/01/04 Call for Australian Involvment in New U.S. Space Program (pdf)
19/12/03 Anticipating Christmas on the Red Planet
29/07/03 AMEC 2003 (pdf)
05/06/03 Twin Rover & Mars Express (pdf)
11/02/03 Expedition 1 (pdf)
28/05/02 AMEC 2002: Apollo Moonwalker to Open Aussie Space Conference (pdf)
14/11/01 Jarntimarra Site Selection (pdf)
22/10/01 Mars Odyssey (pdf)
18/10/01 Mars Forum (pdf)
19/09/01 Starchaser/Jarntimarra Expedition (pdf)
15/05/01 Australia Offered Role in Mars Mission Plan (pdf)
08/04/01 AMEC 2001 (pdf)