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The Jarntimarra-1 Expedition spent two weeks in the Red Centre surveying Mars analogue sites for the Geology Database. Three preferred regions were identified as possible locations for future Mars analogue research activities, with the Arkaroola region in the Northern Flinders Ranges ranked first along with Arkaringa near Coober Pedy and the Woomera region.

Follow the course of this Starchaser sponsored journey, which began with a special Mars Forum at Adelaide University on the evening of 26 November 2001. Then review the expedition itinerary, read the expedition journals of some of the participants (below), then see the stunning expedition photo gallery. Read the Jarntimarra press kit (pdf).


  • Dr Carol Stoker (planetary scientist, NASA Ames Research Centre)
  • Dr Larry Lemke (aeronautical engineer, NASA Ames Research Centre)
  • Dr Jonathon Clarke (geologist, ANU)
  • Professor Victor Gostin (geologist, University of Adelaide)
  • Professor Malcolm Walter (astrobiologist, Macquarie University)
  • Matilda Thomas (geologist, Macquarie)
  • Dr Graham Mann (roboticist, Murdoch)
  • James Waldie (doctoral student, RMIT)
  • James Leyden (medical student, Flinders University)
  • Jason Hoogland (doctoral student, University of Queensland)
  • Michael West (engineering student, University of Sydney)
  • Guy Murphy (Mars Society Australia President)
  • Jennifer Laing (Mars Society Australia PR Director)

The expedition was undertaken with the expert logistical support of John & Bev Deckert (Westprint Maps), Alan & Beryl Conquer, Bill & Rhonda Day and Rex Bunge.

Expedition Journals

Jennifer Laing Jason Hoogland Michael West
27 Oct Adelaide 27 Oct Adelaide  
28 Oct Woomera    
29 Oct Coober Pedy    
30 Oct Henbury Craters    
31 Oct Alice Wells 31 Oct Brisbane  
1 Nov Dalhousie Springs    
2 Nov William Creek 2 Nov Brisbane  
3 Nov Simpson Desert   3 Nov Oodnadatta
4 Nov Innamincka    
5 Nov Arkaroola    
6 Nov Arkaroola    
7 Nov Arkaroola    
8 Nov Arkaroola    
9 Nov Arkaroola    
  11 Nov Brisbane  

Photo Gallery