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Project Manager

Graham Mann
Dr Graham Mann
Email: g.mann(at)
Postal: School of Information Technology,
Murdoch University, Soutd Street.
Murdoch, WA 6050.

Dr Graham Mann is an engineer, specialising in robotics and human-machine interactions. After taking a psychology degree and doing research in psychophysiology at the University of WA's Biofeedback Laboratory, he moved to the University of NSW, to study for a Master's degree in cognitive science, and later a PhD in artificial intelligence. He is currently Senior Lecturer, School of Information Technology, BITL, Murdoch University, and has designed and built a number of innovative robots, including a walking biped and a domestic floor-cleaning machine. Graham took part in the Jarntimarra-1 expedition, Expedition 1 at the Mars Desert Research Station and is a director of the Mars Society Australia.

Project Team

Current Members
Ray Visser
Karl Abetz
David Willson
Dr Graham Mann
Guy Murphy